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The second release of Yoshi Mihara, Producer of the label. His acoustic and discreet sound production still remains the same. Price: JPY1,500 (including the consumption tax)

Price: JPY1,500 (including the consumption tax)

  1. JinJin(Yoshi Mihara)
  2. The water is wide(traditional)
  3. Cholo de saudade(Agustin Barrios)
  4. Mono chrome(Jyoji Sawada)
  5. Circle game(Yoshi Mihara)
  6. Sold outed love(Yoshi Mihara , Jyoji Sawada , Ryo Watanabe)
  7. The parting glass(traditional)
  8. Midnight waltz(Yoshi Mihara)
  9. Old country(Jyoji Sawada)

Yoshi Mihara (guitar)

Jyoji Sawada (contra bass)

Ryo Watanabe (percussions)

Produced by Yoshi Mihara , Jyoji Sawada , Ryo Watanabe

▪Recording Data


 Yoshi Mihara:guitar

 Jyoji Sawada:contrabasss

 Ryo Watanabe:percussions

Recorded at Rocbird studio

Recording,Mixing,Mastering:Katsuhiko Ito

Cover illustration : Ryo Watanabe

Design : …Mizuta

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