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OGD0003:In my own way/Midori Ono



It became a great work as the second released album of Midori Ono, who is one of the top Jazz organ players in the Western Japan, inviting the legendary Jazz drummer, Tana Akira from the US.

Price: JPY2,000 (including the consumption tax)

1 Green Sleeves

2 Otemoyan

3 Dizzy with My Twins

4 Sakura for Jimmy

5 Antagata Dokosa

6 Long Ago and Faraway

7 Caravan

8 Momo

9 Yuyake Koyake

Songs Composed Midori Ono 3,4,8

■Recording Data  

Midori Ono(Hammond B3 Organ ) 

Yutaka Hashimoto(Guitar)

Akira Tana(Drums)

※Akira Tana plays Yamaha Drums,Vic Firth Sticks,and Crecent Cymbals

Producer:Osamu Yamamoto,Yoshi Mihara

Recording Engineer:Katsuhiko Ito

Mixing& Mastering Engineer:Katsuhiko