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OGD0005:Three and Four/Naoki Noe



A debut album of Naoki Noe, who is a young Jazz guitarist representing the Western Japan. His original compositions are innovative and its touch is so sharp and edgy.

Price: JPY2,000 (including the consumption tax)

1.Shade of plant (Naoki Noe)

2.Tune up (Miles Davis)

3.Little girl blue (Richard Rodgers)

4.I’m an old cowhand (Johnny Mercer)

5.Back of the house (Naoki Noe)

6.Tears (Naoki Noe)

7.Before the day dawns (Naoki Noe)

8.I’ll be seeing you (Sammy Fain)

■Musicians  Naoki Noe (guitar)  

Satoko Tatebe (organ)  

Keito Nakano (drums)  

Yoichi Tanaka (trumpet)  

Atsushi Kashiwadani (alto saxophone)

■Producer :OsamuYamamoto・Yoshi Mihara

■Recording Engineer : Katsuhiko Ito

■Mixing Engineer : Katsuhiko Ito

■Mastering Engineer : Katsuhiko Ito

■Recorded at Rocbird Studio: 8.9/March/2015

■Mastered at Rocbird Studio

■Art Director:Osamu Sasaki (Design & Photograph)