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OGD0006:Silence and Impulse


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A debut album of Kei Nakano, who is a brand new star drummer currently located in New York. With a combination of silence and impulse, just experience his amazing technique and deep interpretation of music.

Price: JPY2,000 (including the consumption tax)


2.Release from the future

3.Freedom jazz dance

4.Riemann Hypothesis

5.All in the Ganges


7.A dry starry heaven

8.Skip down to the Chocolatier


10.Mr.Potato (ending track)

CD Produced by Keito Nakano

Keito Nakano(Drums,percussion)

Shingo Kano(Piano,EP)

Yoshihiro Tokiyasu(Bass,EB)    

Gaku Yabushita (Guitar truck4,5,6,8,9,10)

Producer:Yoshiharu Mihara

Recording engineer:Katsuhiko Ito

Photograph,Art Director:Osamu Sasaki

Jacket illustration:Hiroshi Suzuki

Photograph:Kana Sano

Recording studio FUJITSU TEN studio f