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A new musical category in the Jazz scene was created with a musical instrument called Melodica. Yes, this is the answer. You can enjoy a feminine gentle sense of Maho Iwatani. Her talent blossomed in this category.

Price: JPY2,000 (including the consumption tax)

1. sleeper(big band ver.)

2. lost lamb

3. 灼熱のエスパニア

4. パリの空の下

5. sleeper

6. リベルタンゴ

■composition 祝谷真帆:

■recording data musician 祝谷真帆 keyharp (HAMMOND44H PRO) 溝口幸子 piano 真木 毅 bass チーチョ西野 drums、percussions 西本諭史 guitar(on3) 菊池寿人 trumpet (on1) 大島一郎 trombone (on1) 武井 努 saxophone (on1)

arranger :谷口儀夫(on1)


music director:チーチョ西野

art director:佐々木 治

recording engineer:チーチョ西野

mixing &mastering:studio ritMOnkey

■ケンハモ@music HAMMOND44H PRO(株式会社 鈴木楽器製作所)

■scenery photo by s-hoshino.com